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Valentine's Day

I cannot believe it is snowing right now!! I feel like starting in January it is just a roller coaster with the weather! In just a few weeks, it will be Valentine's day and I just wanted to share a few things! In all honesty, we don't do anything crazy gift wise for the kids. I think for them it is about making the day special and I have made it a tradition that I always leave some sweet treats at their place setting for when they wake up that morning! And since it is on a Sunday, we will have a nice dinner as a family!

If you decorate for Valentine's, I found a few things I loved that aren't screaming Valentine's day! I like to do pretty neutral decor pieces with a touch of red or pink.

I also shared this fun drink idea for the kids for our Valentine's Day dinner, I found it on Pinterest here. The tubs of cotton candy I got from Target for $2 here. I am sure the girls will bake something for dessert and Nate will grill some sort of meat and I will make a side dish or two. It is always nice to have everyone home for a good meal! Ine of my friends also suggested getting the kids a $5 gift card to starbucks or sweet treat place to have a one on one date with each kid! So that is one thing I will definitely be doing!

Nate and I usually exchange something small. I know he wanted a wallet, so I found one on sale here and here. I also got him this foot massager for Christmas, I thought it was going to be a flop gift, but I think it is his favorite! He uses it once, if not twice a day! So I highly recommend that for honestly anyone, my mom just got one for her birthday!

And now for a few gift ideas for her! This year I just love anything comfy, self-care, or I shared these amazing flowers too! I have been eyeing these champagne flutes for a while, We actually don't have any, so I would love these! I just got this lip balm and love it, very hydrating, not sticky at all! I use to only use these eye masks for special occasions, but since we never do anything, I used one the other day and I forgot how amazing they are! They really smooth out the lines by your eyes, botox in a box for sure! Of course, it doesn't last, but instant gratification and great for a once a week or special occasion use!

I shared these amazing flowers from Grand Fleurs this week on Instagram and I am just loving them! I love fresh flowers, they are my favorite. Nate always gets me flowers for every special occasion. But then they die and I just feel like it is such a big waste. Of course, he doesn't feel that way, but I want to enjoy them for longer than a week! You guys, these flowers last up to TWO years and they look and SMELL amazing! There are so many options with colors, sizes, and box-type! Definitely a great gift idea for anyone that loves to receive flowers! I also still can't believe how good they smell. I really do want one for every room!

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Have a great Wednesday!

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