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White Jeans Year Round

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Who wears white after Labor Day? Who stains their white right after they buy it? ME!!! I have been wanting to get a new pair of white jeans because my old pair has a stain:) But I'm scared to buy a pair, especially a nice pair because I feel like I will just ruin them right away. And that's money down the drain!! But, man, white looks SO good, especially a new pair, its crisp and bright looking. Even if I don't stain my white after the first couple wears, I am scared to wash it thinking it will lose that bright, white look. Does anyone have any secrets to keep whites looking bright and not dingy?? I need all the help!

So I stumbled across this pair of white jeans this weekend at Banana Republic, they were on sale, plus an additional 40% off. I started reading the tag and it said Stay White denim, its a technology that resists water, oil and stains! I'm thinking I have to give this a try, what's to lose!!

I sized up to a 26P, they do not have the stretch in them that my other Banana jeans do, they are a little stiff, but I was willing to take that if my jeans will stay white! If you are in the market for a new pair of white jeans, these just might be it, hurry the sale ends on Tuesday!! Also, loving my new sunglasses, find them here!


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