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Winter Skincare Routine

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hello everyone!! Getting a late evening post out! With these colder temps sticking around, I've had a lot of people complaining about how dry their skin is! That tends to happen during the winter. Living in the Midwest, we have such drastic changes in our weather, you have to really change up your skincare with the seasons. And also as we age, the skincare will need to be adjusted as well! Skin is very finicky and can react to so many different things, food, hormones, weather, and stress! I have finally figured out what my skin needs at certain stages of the year! Now I love skincare, so I have tried SO many different products over the years and I continue to try new ones because that is what I do, lol! Now there are certain items that I try different but then go back to what I was currently using because I found it didn't work as well as my previous product. Here is a rundown of what I'm using and why I love it! This is a little lengthy, but I wanted it to be very informative!

First off cleansers! I use the double cleanse method at night, I will use a cleansing balm to remove my makeup/sunscreen and then a gentle cleanser or cleansing water. I have used a lot of cleansing balms, this one and this one are my favorites. I have this one I want to try when I go through the jar I'm on now. I love how they melt the makeup off, the texture and how they don't make my face feel greasy afterward. Some of the others I have tried, I wasn't a fan of the texture and they left my face feeling greasy. I use a cleansing cloth with my balms, I feel washrags/cloths act as the daily gentle exfoliation you need. Most balms come with their cleansing cloth. I love using this cleansing water after the balm to remove any other traces of makeup/cleanser. I also will use it in the morning as a quick refresh instead of washing my face before putting on my morning skincare. It gets any traces of dirt off of my face and leaves my face feeling refreshed, not dry or tight! I love using these cotton pads with my cleansing water, I will never buy another cotton ball in my life, lol! They are so soft and gentle on the skin.

Next up is toning lotion. I have been using this toning lotion for the last 2 years and I will never not have this!! I have used this one and this one and love both. They help keep your skin ph balanced throughout the day. While also exfoliating and hydrating! I apply this with my cotton pads after cleansing morning and night! LOVE this product! It does leave your skin tingling the first few uses because it is working to balance your skin. After a few days, once your skin is balanced, it will not do this.

Hydrating the skin is something that most everyone I see is not doing! Yes, they are using a moisturizer, but sometimes that just isn't enough! Especially as we age and our skin gets drier and the dry weather during the winter! You must use a hyaluronic acid!! Everyone can use this no matter what your skin type or age. It's a serum and it is a humectant that pulls and binds moisture into the skin and will help hydrate your skin even more if your moisturizer is just not doing the trick! It helps plump and smooth wrinkles too! I'm currently using this one, but love this one too!

So during the winter, I have to add in an oil. My skin gets so dry and itchy and I even get dry patches. I wasn't using an oil yet a few months ago and I had gotten a dry patch, so I ordered this oil, by Elemis because I like to try different ones each year and this one cleared my dry patch up within 3-4 days, it was so smooth and hydrating! So I have used an entire bottle and ordered another oil to get me through these last few months before it warms up. Once the warmer weather kicks in and that wonderful humidity, my skin cannot handle the extra oil. Here is a great example to really know and listen to your skin, just because everything was working perfectly last month, so many changes can happen to affect what your skin is needing this month!

Next up is my moisturizer, I just started using this one at NIGHT and I'm loving it! It is so hydrating and it only takes a tiny bit! This moisturizer, Afisa is a botanical-based moisturizer, so it a clean brand. I try to use as many brands that are mostly clean. Now I only use this moisturizer at night after my oil, that is when I really want my skin to rejuvenate and recoup while I'm sleeping. You must use the spatula to get it out and then warm with your hands and massage over your face and neck. I will continue to use this during the summer, but only at nights. I know it is a little pricey, but you only use a tiny bit, this should last me about 6-8 months! During the DAY after my oil I use a tinted moisturizer, this gives me enough moisture throughout the day. Plus it has my sunscreen and is tinted to help even my skin out a little bit. I am using this one now, but I also love this one and this one!

When I am helping ladies find an undereye concealer, they are always complaining about concealers creasing.....and so my next question for them is what eye cream are you using?! And 95% of them are not using an eye cream!!! Ladies, you must use an eye cream, under the eye area is the thinnest layer of skin on your body and it does not produce any oil! It is the first area where you will see the first signs of aging/wrinkles!! You must apply it morning and night! I am currently using this one and have gone through 2 jars!

Lastly, I love this little multi purpose balm. I use this on my skin and lips and also on my kids! It's a great pure form of lanolin that is very hydrating.

Skincare is not meant to be complicated, the key is keeping it simple so your face stays happy! Trying too many things too often will make your skin very angry. It takes the skin 30 days to cycle thru, so if you try something and don't like it after two days, chances are you haven't given the product enough time to work. You have to be patient with skin, I know it is very hard to do, especially if you are having breakouts! Now if you break out after using a product after two days then you need to stop using it!!! If you have any questions about skincare or product recommendations, please let me know! I love talking skincare and helping ladies find what works for them. In most cases, it's not a one size fits all when it comes to skincare! I also could meet to do personal consulting to help figure out your specific skincare needs! I am not a dermatologist by any means, but I have been looking, listening to a lot of ladies talk about their skin issues over the last ten years and how we go about trying to address them.

Thanks so much for following along!


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