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Woven Purses for Summer

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We are coming up on the weekend and I couldn't be more ready!! One trend I have been seeing for a few seasons now is woven purses. And I have to tell you they have come out with some beauties!! I've rounded up 5 under $100 and 5 under $30!

So I have one of the purses under $100, I wasn't sure I wanted a woven purse, until I saw that one! I just loved it and I think having one woven purse is a good thing. Makes you think of the ocean or pool, warmer temps! Whether you want to buy an investment purse or buy one less expensive. I'm giving you some options to help you pick one!!

I got my purse from Von Maur and it was actually on sale at Macy's, so Von Maur priced matched it and so it was actually only $55:) I like when I get a good deal and a great product! You can definitely dress up these purses or wear them with casual outfits. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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