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A Sense of Routine

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

So things have taken a drastic turn and I was not expecting the kids to be out of school for the rest of the year. I thought for sure 2-4 weeks, but here we are and now we are trying to understand how we are supposed to get our kids into some sort of a new school routine! My kids are happy at the moment to be out, but when it sinks in that they never really got to finish that project or go to that pizza party or say goodbye to their teacher it's going to be hard. This is all really hard for everyone, it's not something we think will ever happen and we are trying to accept and understand it. The only thing we can do is pray and take it one day at a time and just get through this crappy virus that's taken over our lives.

I think our goal will be to have the same routine in the morning, get dressed, eat etc. And then focusing on getting our studies done! I found this really awesome pack of supplies if you might be low on school supplies. Printer paper and notebooks! And of course, I would need to get me my favorite pen! I also love these school workbooks to help on the side with their normal school work!

I think it will be nice to have the kids home to continue their love for baking in the kitchen and learning to cook more dinners! If your kids need a little incentive to get in the kitchen I found these cute measuring cups and spoons. Plus it helps with fractions! And if they make any sort of muffin these are the way to go, silicone muffin liners. Makes clean up a breeze!

Another idea could incorporate some sewing! I remember making scrunchies all the time, this could be a great time for them to make their own scrunchies! The perfect little sewing machine, I have a similar one and it's very easy to use, some elastic and material!

My boys love to measure things, but of course, they love to use a cool measuring tape like these or these. So giving them a product to measure and writing down the measurements could keep them entertained for a little bit! And they have been loving the 3D printer, coming up with designs, great for little engineers! Even the girls are designing things!

I know we will all adjust to these new routines, I'm hoping sooner than later! Keeping you all in my prayers!


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