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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I'm not made for the heat, or definitely not anymore! No energy, no motivation, and I just sweat! LOL! I hope you are all staying cool! Some of you might already know, but we were going to build a house on the land that we bought. I was getting excited about building and we hit yet another roadblock, literally two years of roadblocks, I'm starting to wonder if this is not meant to be?! Plus all the COVID has really messed it up, well it's messed up everything for everyone. SO I am hoping for some good news in the month of July about building! I thought maybe looking for some home inspiration would get me excited and I was so surprised at what I had found, on Amazon! Here is a little bathroom inspiration if you are building or maybe wanting to remodel!

I love mixing textures and metals! And keeping it simple and clean is what I aim for! The mixture of brass and black looks modern and elegant! Having soap and lotion in pretty bottles always adds a nice touch, these smell so good and are glass bottles, so you could reuse them!

I also am needing to organize all my bathroom supplies, so I found some great organizers and also some really great beauty finds!

This lip scrubber sounds perfect, I am always using a toothbrush, but I love that this is synthetic and can be cleaned easily. I use self-tanner year-round, so having extra mitts is a plus! This set has a scrubber to help exfoliate before application, plus the little one is nice for tiny areas. I have a manual face roller and I would be very curious to see how this vibrating one works! It got amazing reviews! I have a tray in my room with my hair oil, hair perfume, and brush. It looks like a decoration when you put it on a pretty tray! And all this acrylic storage, this lazy susan I keep my hairspray and extra hair products in. It's perfect to keep in the cabinet or under the sink and just spin it! And I love these drawers to store extra bathroom supplies, rags, etc. I love how everything can have a place, so it stays neat and organized!

Have a great Wednesday!!


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