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Amazon Prime Day Deals

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Only hours left till big deals on Amazon! I've rounded up a few of the ones that will be going on starting tonight at 12 am pacific time! So for central time that is at 2 am, set your alarms!! These deals are Black Friday good, get your Xmas shopping done tonight!

First off, when you spend $10 at Whole Foods, you get $10 to spend on Prime Day. You can make that purchase now or on Prime Day to get the deal. That's free money! A lot of the deep deals are on electronics. Here are some good ones!

apple airpods $179 | king set sheets $31.83 | echo show $159.99 | echo dot + ring $169 | kids tablet set $99.98 | echo dot $26.99 | optoma projector $999 | firestick $25 | apple ipad $329

These deals range from $25 - hundreds of dollars off, great time to buy these if you have ever thought about it. These deals are better than Black Friday!!

Last year the instapot was the big kitchen appliance! It very well could have a deal tomorrow too! If this dyson is on a deal, I highly recommend getting it, makes clean up so much faster and easier! Or if you prefer the irobot to clean your floors, I would get it on prime day!

Don't forget to set your alarms and have an idea of what you are wanting to get first! Hope you all get in on these deals! Have a great Monday tomorrow! LOTS of coffee!!

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