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Back To School With Amazon

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Friday!! So first off, I'm very excited about my website provider allowing you to comment and like without signing in!! Yay!! So if you like a post or have a suggestion on some things you want me to talk about, you can now leave a comment:)) Or like it!! Thanks so much!

So I can't even believe I am typing this. Why is it back to school already?? I feel like we just got into the groove of summer and over all the crazy activites and vacations and it's over. Well ready or not it is coming! I rounded up some of my Amazon back to school basics that I have or always get before school starts and throughout the year!

My kids take their lunches four out of the five days a week. So I have to have healthy items available if I do not have time to pre-make items. I do try to keep a lot of frozen lunch items ready to grab and pack into the lunch boxes. But some weeks just do not allow for me to make food, so I have to have healthy alternatives on hand. Yes, a lot of these are the travel food items, healthy for all things!

I try to always pack fresh veggies, fruit, dairy and protein in every lunch. I do a lot of the homemade uncrustables and freeze them, so the kids can just grab one and throw in their lunch box. They also like nuts for their protein, I keep all varieties on hand. I often will do a homemade version of a lunchable, using healthier alternatives. And some of my kids like to pack salads, so I try to keep it fresh and not boring! But there are times, we get in a rut and I'm like just throw some stuff in there, lol, that's why having some pre-made items available are nice! I always keep the late july crackers and peanut butter on hand because they can always make peanut butter and crackers! I'm so grateful they don't have a nut allergy! But they have come out with some great alternatives, so it would be much easier now!

My focus is usually backpacks and lunches for back to school, because our school provides all the supplies, so we don't have to do anything, just pay a fee! It's the best. thing. ever. However, I have heard that amazon is perfect for back to school supplies and your school might even have connected their school list to amazon, so you can just add to cart! Or here they are having some great deals on all of their supplies!

My kids have the bento box, which is perfect for anything that might leak or move around (liquid), they are sealed tight. We also use the stainless steel lunch bots, however the kids have had an issue with transfer. So we use those when I know everything will stay in a solid state. We do have the thermos, great for winter time and keeping things warm. I also use these little containers for peanut butter, dressing or other little sides. Or I love these for the stainless steel version!

I will be doing another round up of some back to school shoes and clothing items next week! Hoping some good sales come up:) Hope you all have a wonderfull weekend and enjoy it with your kids!

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