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Best Healthy Food Ideas For Travel

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hope your week is off to a good start!! I know there are still some people going on summer vacation and I had some people asking about the travel snacks we took when we went on our road trip vacation! So I pulled together some great options that are on Amazon and would also be great options for those that pack lunches for school! Some nights are so busy, a healthy grab and go option is better than the other options!

I also had packed fresh fruit, bananas, apples and grapes and kept those in a cooler. In the cooler, I had cheese sticks and fresh veggies in indiviual baggies and a jar of jelly too. I had made PB&J for lunch. We had to stop once and get ice to keep the cooler cold. We ended up only eating out once a day, for dinner and then we ate the food I had packed during the day! Made it easy and cheaper. Snacks are key when traveling, when the kids get bored or hungry the fighting starts, lol! I did pack a big bag of organic pita chips, but couldn't find those on Amazon. And some organic guacamole cups from Costco to go with our sandwiches. Hope this helps give you some ideas for some healthy food options!

We also found these items extremely helpful during our trip! I had packed gallons of water and we just refilled the kids' water bottles instead of using bottles of water. I have loved these yeti's they take them to school and have lasted the longest over other brands of water bottles.

Thanks for following along!

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