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Clean Eating, A Way of Life

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

*all these statements are my own opinion, I changed the way we eat because of my health. In no way do I judge if this is not how you choose to eat. This is just a way to get my story out in case you may be experiencing the same issues.

Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know the new year has started, but sometimes starting goals in the middle of the week just doesn't register in my head, lol! So if you like to start things at the beginning of the week, I am going to talk a little bit about how we eat in our house! I've never been one to do diets, I just can't or maybe I just don't like to. But in a way, you could call what we do a diet. I'm so used to clean eating that it is just normal for us. I changed the way our family eats about 7 years ago.

I was having issues with irritable bowl and just never felt right. I had heard of processed food and chemicals in our food and never really thought it was that big of a deal, so I thought. I mean, how could they make food for us that was, in the end, bad for us, right?! Well, it comes down to supply and demand. More people in the world, the more people we need to feed. So they had to come up with ways to feed more people, by adding fillers into our food. Soy is a huge filler they use in almost all processed foods. Chemicals and GMOs are other terms you have maybe heard of. I 100% support our farmers, they are providing us with TONS of food. But I am just not sure why so many of us are having more problems with gluten, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. So again, my personal opinion, is it has something to do with what we are consuming. Now LOTS of other factors come into play as well, environment, how we live, etc.

One factor we can control is the food we eat. Now we don't eat clean ALL of the time, I like to say we live by the 80/20 rule, 80% clean and 20% we indulge. So during the week, it's all clean, organic food and then on the weekend, we may go out to dinner, have that glass of wine and the donuts after Sunday mass. And that is OK. Over the holidays we all go through stomach issues because our bodies have adjusted to the way we eat, so when we do go out to eat, we usually have belly aches:( My kids have even gotten to the point that they will not eat certain things because they know it will make their belly hurt.

So it all started with a lot of planning and TIME!! Now that I know and recognize labels, it is so much faster! The food industry has also come a long way in making food cleaner and less processed! But when I first started this new way of living, I would be in the kitchen for an entire day. Do not make this discourage you from trying it. I would clean veggies/fruit and food prep all on one day. Now that I have gotten used to it, I can break it up and it goes a lot faster, plus now that the kids are older, they help out with it too;) This cookbook was a HUGE help when we started eating real, clean food, highly recommend if you need something to have in hand to read and refer to. Lisa also talks about how changing the way they eat made such a difference in their health. She also came out with this one for people on a budget and this one for faster meals that I refer to as well!

A big concern is the cost, well end the end, I don't think it does cost more. There are always sales going on at all the numerous stores I shop for our food. Target, Walmart and Dillons have come a long way in providing healthier, organic food! When I first started I couldn't buy any of our food at those places. I had shopped a lot at Green Acres and Natural grocers and still do! And now that there is Costco, they have a really big selection of the organic brands I like to get. Plus I really believe you won't get sick as much and that means fewer doctor visits. Now my kids still get sick, but I like to believe not as much;)

I understand if this is not for you, it is something that I tried and believe is our permanent way of living, it will not be for everyone, just like trying a diet is not for me. I absolutely love talking about this subject, so if you ever have questions, just leave a comment or message me.

Have a great Monday and thanks for following along!


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