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Easter Basket Ideas and My Tablescape

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Easter is sneaking up on us and I finally just put in my Amazon order for all the things I need for this Blessed Event! I'm doing a very simple table this year, I am needing some new napkins, so I ordered these grey napkins. I have the gold silverware from CB2 and then I used my white dishes, but linking a similar set here that we use daily. I wanted to add some pretty charger plates, so I ordered these! I love the scalloped pattern and the rose gold color! I'm so excited, it's going to be simple and elegant! This picture from pinterest was my inspiration. Here is the link for pinterest:

I really wanted to have a picture of my table, but I just can't get on the ball this year, so I won't have my tablescape up in time for you all to get yours prepared! I will post it as soon as my items arrive!

I also am in the process of getting Easter basket items for the kids! I ordered a few items from Amazon as well and they will be here in time! I don't like to get the kids too much candy for their baskets, only a few things. I actually like to get things that they will use. So this year I am getting gratitude journals for the girls, something I think they will like to do and a great reminder for them about being thankful everyday and this really pretty cross necklace. I like getting them a little something to remind them of the real purpose of Easter, Jesus dying for us. This cross necklace will be perfect! The boys are going to get a deck of cards that come in a plastic case and waterproof because somehow the paper boxes get ruined:( And since it was 80 degrees today, they were so hot!! Lol! So they will get a water gun in their basket too. This is a two pack and I'm just going to break it up and give them each one. Get your Amazon orders in, it's right around the corner!!

Some other ideas I have done in the past:

sidewalk chalk, these egg shaped ones are perfect!

bubbles, I have to get the no spill, truly a game changer!

jumprope, this is always a fun thing for little ones to try and learn to do! I love these because they are adjustable!

gel pens, I love pens, so this is just fun for all of us, lol! Isn't it fun to find the perfect pen?!

hair scrunchies, I love this pack of velvet bunny ear ones, helps dress up the outfit! Who ever would have thought hair scrunchies would come back?! I love it!!

I always love to hear what everyone's holiday traditions are, what do you guys like to do for your kids' Easter baskets? And in order to comment, you will have to sign in, sorry for the inconvenience!!

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