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Father's Day Ideas

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Yep, it's happening, June is here and for me that's a busy month with kids' birthdays. And also Father's Day!! I've rounded up some gift ideas that are husband approved for this Father's Day. It's in two weeks, so it will be here before we know it!!

For those Dad's that like their coffee to stay hot on the car ride into work, or while he's at the office gets a fresh cup and goes to do a million things to come back to a cold cup of coffee, this travel mug is the perfect gift! My husband prefers the travel mug to avoid spills;) It allows you to set your temperature to the exact temp you like your hot drinks, it's so amazing!!

For the Dad that like's to keep things cold or hot, the yeti rambler is a must and this yeti cooler is something you will have for a lifetime and is so convenient for packing snacks or for a short road trip.

If you go to the lake, pool or just have a Dad that is constantly getting his shoes dirty, these birkenstock sandals are a must! Nate wears them all the time and just hoses them off when they get dirty! They come in 5 different colors. These sandals are also a great option for those casual outfits, the way birkenstocks form to the feet and actually make your feet feel good after a long day of work is amazing!

We all know having a good phone case for your iphone is a must, this one does not disappoint. Very durable, military protective case and it's magnetic which is surprisingly convenient when you need to do something and need both hands. This is the only phone case my husband will use!

If the dad in your life is a tech guy and uses a lot of things that need charged, this portable power bank is awesome!! Great to keep laptops, cameras and much more full of battery life. Great for the traveling Dad!

Every dad needs a flashlight, and if you're like me you let the kids play with it and then forget about it and the kids left it on and the brand new batteries are now dead:( This rechargeable flashlight is so awesome, charges with a usb charger and it's really bright. No more batteries!!

For the dad that likes a good pocketknife, or is an outdoorsy kind of guy! This is what my husband wants, lol!

I got this speaker for Nate last year and it is something we use everyday because we don't have built in speakers in our house. The sound is incredible and it can be controlled by your iphone or ipad.

This gift has hands down been both of our favorites! He loves to cook on it and bonus for me, no mess in the kitchen plus he cooks;) Win, win!! The blackstone griddle is one thing we will never live without.

Fragrance is always a good idea, but sometimes that can be hard! Sephora offers a sampler pack and then a certificate to go back and get a bigger bottle of the one he likes!

Lastly, who doesn't love pens?! This pen writes nice and can also break glass, is waterproof and compact!

Happy Monday!!

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