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Glamping 13th Birthday Party

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Friday!! Yesterday’s cooler weather was so nice!! Back to the 90s today:( Oh well, I guess a weekend will have to do! Last weekend we celebrated my oldest daughter's thirteenth birthday! We did that by having a glamping party!! Ava celebrated with a few friends and family and they slept in Nate's hunting tent outside!

I kept everything pretty simple, but wanted a few special things! We were taking a chance with the weather, it kept changing its mind every couple hours. But keeping it outdoors was the goal. I wanted to change up the usual table and chairs and found this post on Pinterest. I loved the idea of the wooden palettes, such a cheap option for table and chairs! Nate power washed them off and they were like new. We bought a painting drop cloth for the bottom. I really wanted to get some pillows, but in the end, just didn't have time, so I just put some fuzzy and fur blankets out there to add some texture. My mom made the garland out of boxwoods and tied them together. She added a little babies breath for a little color. I probably should have gotten flowers but since it had looked like rain I just opted for the bare minimum! We strung some battery-powered lights thru the garland and it looked so pretty as it got dark outside! I also put some of these mini tea lights out!

I usually buy juice for parties, but the girls have been liking flavored water. I had seen where they had put the flavored water in mason jars but wanted something a bit different. I found these milk jars with lids and loved that idea! We did cucumber, lemon, and berries.

For dinner, we grilled chicken, had salad and some appetizers. This appetizer dip was recommended to me by another blogger friend and it was a huge hit! And only 4 ingredients! Perfect for those last-minute get-togethers!! Of course,we had to have a smores bar for a glamping party!

For little party favors, I found these little pails from Target and found these on Amazon, I put an eye mask, lip balm, tea light, kleenex pack and scrunchie inside to keep outside while they were sleeping! I try to somewhat stick with the theme and get practical things the girls can use!

It only sprinkled a little bit at dinnertime, but it passed quickly and the girls played outside all night long! Overall a huge success! Ava also wanted to make her own cake and she made a cheesecake from scratch, it was really yummy!

It's definitely bittersweet, having a teenager is scary and exciting! Prayers for all the parents of teenagers and extra prayers for all the teenagers:)

Hope you all have a great weekend, thank you so much for following along!

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