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Nordstrom Sale for Men

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

So the Nordstrom sale is still going strong, a lot of items have sold thru, but there are still a lot of items available. I never had the chance to comb thru the men's section, my hubby doesn't care to get new fashion items like I do, he prefers electronics, lol! And I don't care for the electronics, so it's a win, win!! I found some great deals on men's items that are still available. If I do get him clothes, or shoes it's usually for Christmas as one of the gifts from the kids, so it's never too early to start Christmas shopping!

I also think if he is in the market for a new suit or dress clothes, now is the time! Whether you are attending a wedding or have some other event, they are never on sale at the time. My husband, Nate, has had his basic suits for 15 years and they still look brand new!! They are an investment, but worth it! Big discounts on suits, dress shirts, belts, and shoes! He swears by Ecco dress shoes, only shoe he will wear over and over!

Men also like the Patagonia fleece and jackets, great time to get him one if he has ever wanted one!

My husband loves this Kiehl's body wash and hand cream, I actually love this hand cream for myself as well;) And, like me, he likes comfy lounge wear, these pants and some basic white tees are so comfy!

You better get some of these deals and some of your Christmas shopping done now! You'll be happy you did! Have a great Thursday!!

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