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Outdoor Movie Night

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well, this may indeed be the last week we have to stay at home! I'm really not even sure what I will even do, lol! I feel like there are still going to be some things that don't take place going forward, like family vacations, summer camps etc, so I wanted to share a great way to have some fun outdoors while staying at home and possibly still social distancing if we still have to. This is also a great thing to do for kids' birthday parties or those football games coming up this fall!

We had an outdoor family movie night and it was a blast! The kids really loved it and the best part it was really easy to set up and take down and store away for next weekend! We did already have the speakers from an old surround sound system, but I found some with good reviews here. Nate said speakers really some down to how much you want to spend and the quality you want. We also had an old receiver, found one like it here. The cord situation at our house is ridiculous, so we had the two HDMI cords and the speaker wire! A few months ago we had gotten a projector with the intent of having movie nights, but then things got a little crazy and we kind of forgot about it. We had a movie night a few years ago with a homemade screen and it was so much work, so hard to store and just not feasible. So Nate has been on the hunt for a screen that would be easier, but still good!

Well, he got this one and he honestly couldn't believe it. I looked out the window and thought it was a kid inflatable, but it was the projector screen. It came with the security ties and the air machine to blow it up. He couldn't believe it was so easy to put up! But then he was worried about the screen quality, so we waited till dark and it came out so crisp and clear!

It was perfect! I highly recommend it if you are thinking about having some outdoor movie nights or parties! Nate and the boys had it all taken down within 10 minutes right after the movie because we didn't want to risk having it damaged throughout the night!

So we did end up taking our fire tv outside to stream a movie and it worked great. The projector and the fire tv would each need an HDMI cord to attach to the receiver and then speaker wire for the speakers to run to the receiver. Otherwise, that is all we used! It was so much fun and the kids are already looking forward to it again next weekend!

Have a great Monday!



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