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Quick Breakfast Ideas

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hello! Hope you've had a great start to your week! Our mornings have gotten a little chaotic with back to school! Sharing a few breakfast ideas I have ready to go for those crazy mornings! I try to keep a lot of pre-made items frozen and ready to warm up quick in the morning.

Muffins are a big one for us! Super fast and easy, plus they can be eaten in the car, lol! I love these muffins, they contain oats, which is a great source of fiber and they have great protein and low sugar. I do usually top them with a few chocolate chips or walnuts! And if you make muffins like I do, it means you know how annoying cleaning the muffin pans are. I finally found these silicone muffin cups or this silicone pan, so worth it, especially if you make muffins! I usually make a big batch and freeze them!

Yogurt and granola is one I always have on hand. I try to always make my granola, I love using this recipe. I sub out the oil for butter and usually don't add the coconut! If I do buy granola, it is this one or this one. Adding fruit is an option too! Getting a great source of fiber, protein and calcium!

Pre-made pancakes and waffles! Yes, I freeze a lot of food! The girls made big batches of pancakes and waffles to freeze before school started. These we warm up in the toaster oven, sometimes they are eaten in the car on the way to school too! I love my waffle maker, waffles are my personal favorite, but they have to belgium, I like the thicker ones, lol! When freezing, make sure to seperate with parchment paper or it will be hard to seperate them! I like using the sheets, instead of the roll! Easier to cut to the shape I need.

Another option I like to have for breakfast or even to put in lunches is breakfast burritoes. I'll make a big batch of these and you can add whatever veggies and cheese you want. I usually do potates, eggs, onion and a little cheese on whole wheat tortillas. I wrap in these foil papers and freeze, the kids just grab one in the morning and wrap in a damp paper towel and warm up.

I, of course, have cereal on hand if the kids get up in time to eat it. They like this kind, I like that it is sweetened with fruit juice instead of sugar and this kind, it is also sweetened with fruit juice. The kids like to add fresh fruit like bananas or blueberries to their cereal. And worst case scenerio, they eat a banana with peanut butter on it, lol! Sometimes by the end of the week I'm out of groceries and pre-made food.

My last go to is oatmeal, I usually make a big batch at the beginning of the week and store in these containers. They top it with a little maple syrup and cinnamon.

Hope some of these ideas help! What are your quick breakfast morning go tos?? Hope your school mornings go smooth!

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