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Save Money With Kickback

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It always goes so fast!! Well, I know everyone loves to save money, whether it be a great sale, coupons, or cash back! Guess what?! There is an app that can do that! The Kickback app is fairly new and only has about 60 plus retailers right now! And it is an invite-only app, and I am inviting you!!

So first things first, you have to go to your app store and download the Kickback app. It is a free app. From there you will enter my invite key MANDY12 or you can click on this link here,

What's really awesome, is once you sign up and use my invite key, you will get an invite key of your own to invite your friends and family! And for every person that signs up under your invite key, you get $1 cash back. This week with Sephora having their welcome back sale, Kickback is offering a great deal! With your purchase at Sephora, you will earn 6% cash back through the app!! How awesome!

So in the app, you will go to the brand, click on shop now and start shopping. Sephora is running a sale for ALL insiders, it's free to be an insider, you can sign up here if you are not yet. Inside the app or not, when you spend $100 at Sephora, you will get $20 off, spend $75, get $15 off. Now if you shop within the Kickback app, you will also get 6% back from your purchase using the Kickback app! How awesome!

They have other great brands too, for me I have been wanting to try Alo Yoga, now you can get 13% back just by shopping thru the Kickback app.

Just think the amount you could save around Christmas time! Chocolates from Ghirardelli will get you 3% cash back.

There are a bunch of really great brands. I highly suggest getting the app and looking around to see what you think, the worst that could happen is you end up saving money! If you have any questions, just let me know!

Have a great day!


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