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Sephora Holiday

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

It's that time of year for the Sephora Holiday sale! Everyone is included!! There are just different dates as to when the sale opens for each tier! Rouge is first and starts October 30, VIB clients start November 3, and Insiders (everyone) starts on November 5! With each tier comes different discounts, Rouge gets 20%, VIB gets 15% and Insiders get 10%. I say every, little bit helps! Great time to stock up on your personal products or get started on those Christmas gifts! I have had many Sephora round-ups on the blog in the past. Here, here and here! I always love the ones before Christmas because they have the best gift sets at an incredible value! I have rounded up my favorites and also some great products I buy over and over!

This Gisou set is amazing!! I have been using their hair oil for years and it is one of the few hair oils that doesn't weigh my hair down! Comes with a travel size shampoo, conditioner and hair mask!

The fragrance sets are a win, win every holiday! You don't have to worry about what fragrance someone likes, they get a bunch of sample sizes and then once they find one that they like, they can go back to Sephora to get a full size bottle! I have heard nothing but great things about these sets and they always sell out! Here is the holiday womens set and another one here. Also this is a good one for the men!

I was excited to see Sephora carry this brand, so I had to try the body wash and now I want to try the lotion! The body wash is nice and I love the eucalyptus smell. Perfect to get on sale and a great gift for anyone that enjoys a great at home spa day or one that likes to take showers and escape, like me, so I always have a nice body wash to use!

I love this lip balm set, it has nice neutral tints, adds a touch of color and it's hydrating! I have been using the bite beauty night balm for years, it is thick, but always keeps my dry lips hydrated! I wear it at night as a mask and my lips are so soft and hydrated in the morning!

If you don't clean your brushes or hate to clean your brushes, I love this brush cleaner. Super easy to use and it gets all the makeup and dirt out!

A good candle set is always a good value, love these scents! This is a great makeup set, perfect way to try out new products and brands! I love this body lotion, it smells amazing and comes with the body fragrance.

This Sephora round up of products I did for the last sale, but some of the products have sold out! I updated it with some other favorites! All of these I have used and LOVE! Except for the brush set, it just came out for holiday! I don't know how many clients I help days, weeks before Christmas and they want an inexpensive brush set and they are ALWAYS sold out! This is a great eyeshadow set for $15. This is a great face set for $25, includes, concealer, blush and powder brushes.

So many good products to stock up on and a great time to get a head start on Christmas gifts! Some of my instagram friends and I have gotten together to give away a $100 gift card to Sephora! We are starting it tomorrow, the 29th in our instagram stories! If you don't follow me on instagram, my handle is @mandysteven. We are all sharing our Sephora favorites too!

My friend Lisa is part of the giveaway and will be sharing all of her Sephora favorites in her blog too, check it out here. Lisa's is here.

Taylor is also a part of the Sephora giveaway and will be sharing her favorites, her blog is here. Taylor's is here.

Cindy has been sharing a lot of her finds in the app, you can find all of her picks here. We are all sharing on different days, so there blogs might not be posted yet, but be on the look out!

Happy shopping!



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