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Target Home- Casaluna Collection

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Halfway through the week! I had gone into Target the other day, I'm sure we all go to Target at least once, probably multiple times a week, lol! I was speeding past the home department, not planning on stopping and was instantly mesmerized by a new collection they just started carrying! I had to touch and smell all the new products, this line is right up my ally. With all the different textures and muted colors, I was completely taken by it! They look and feel designer! Minus the hefty price tag!

This beautiful linen bedding is something I have wanted for a long time, but never wanted to pay the price! I have had my current bedding for over 11 years, so I'm thinking it's time for an update!!

The Casaluna Collection also has amazing towels too! I love the options and the mixture of having this one, nice and plush. The texture of the waffle towel. And the fringe on this towel! They also have these gorgeous silk sleep masks, perfect for traveling, or would make a great gift!

Here is a roundup of all of my favorites! It's a collection that is not all gray, that is just my instant go-to! Gray is soothing to me and my favorite color! The whole collection revolves around the colors of the sleeping masks:)

I hope you get inspired to add some of these wonderful pieces to your home!


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