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That Winter Tan

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Ha, I didn't know what to call this post! Hope you are all having a great week! This is the time of year we start feeling like what next.....holidays are over, the dreaded workouts and eating right are setting in, or maybe they aren't, lol! I'm still trying to cut my sugar intake! And with wearing shorts and tank tops for workouts, I'm noticing how pasty white I am! So I was going to share some of my favorite sunless tanners and bronzers! I did a blog post here with some of my same recommendations, but I'm adding in bronzers on this one!

First up is my sunless tanner, I, hands down, love it! I use the Isle of Paradise spray year-round! I use the medium in the winter and dark in the summer! For me, the application is easy and gives me such a great, streakless color! I spray either on the tanning mitt or on my body and then rub in with the tanning mitt. For my face, I just spray on my face and rub in! You can use the mitt on your face if you want. You must use a tanning mitt to get even proper application. Any tanning mitt will do!

It is crucial to prepare your skin for sunless tanning or it will not come out! You must exfoliate before, I am currently still using this one and love it. You must hydrate the skin, currently loving this one, shave if necessary. It will come out blotchy if you have dry patches or you did not properly hydrate your skin.

Here are my arms after having the tanning spray on for 24 hours and this is the medium color! You can see where I stopped at before my hands, lol! I usually wipe it down, but I'm pretty sure I had to end up washing my hands for something and of course the color will come off if you get it wet right after application. You can see the difference in color and I love how it's not creasing in my lines!

I have never tried the drops or the mouse. I have tried a different brand of drops before and I just like the ease of application with the spray.

Now if you don't want to spend the time with sunless tanning, I do love my bronzers!! My first pick is the Chanel cream bronzer! I love the color, the finish, and product size. It comes in a large jar and I swirl my finishing brush around in it and apply it all over my face, focusing on the high points. It leaves the prettiest bronze glow! I wear it every single time I do my makeup, and I've barely put a dent in it! Definitely worth the money if you are looking for THE bronzer. I do highly recommend using this brush for that really pretty airbrushed, natural look! The bronzer has been sold out at Nordstrom, Dillards and Von Maur for months, I just found it here.

This next bronzer by Hourglass, I have worn for years and I put it on when I'm running kids around to all their activities, so I kinda look halfway alive. It is just a pretty color with the swirl of bronze and highlight, perfect for that quick color and glow! I use the ambient light for a softer color. The next bronzer I use is by Kevyn Aucoin and I actually use it as a bronzer and blush color! I love the mix of lighter and darker tones to achieve the color you are wanting! I use the dusk medium shade.

Hope you all have a great Thursday!! Any questions about these products just let me know!



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