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Travel Essentials

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey Everyone!! We finally left on our vacation, after I packed up half the house and the grocery store! We ended up renting a 15 passenger van and we are so glad that we did!! It has so much room for all of our stuff and the kids aren't touching each other, so that's something I don't have to hear the entire trip! Our first stop is St. Louis, then we aren't exactly sure after that, lol! We just have to be in New York by Friday evening for dress rehearsal for my cousin's wedding! I've rounded up some of our travel essentials we used for this trip!

When it comes down to traveling with kids, it's all about keeping them busy. If they get bored, it's instant fighting and complaining! We ended up getting them each a pair of ear phones, which was a great idea! They could listen to music, watch a movie or play games on the ipad. They each brought their books to read, school workbooks, cards, sudoku for kids, wordsearch for kids and crayons. And of course, I packed lots of food! Snacks and snacks! We ended up having them each bring their own water bottle and brought gallons of water instead of wasting lots of little bottles of water. We just refilled their yeti water bottles that they use for school! And I would highly recommend getting the straw cap!

I had pre-packed our dinner for Monday night, turkey sandwiches, cut up fruit and veggies and chips. I usually do this every time we go on a road trip. I keep it in a cooler and put ice packs in it. I also packed a lot of dry food and packed it in a storage container, so things wouldn't get smashed.

I knew we would be having to sleep a little in the car, so I got them some travel pillows and they were perfect! Since there was no tv in the rental, we ended up using an ipad for movies. We had gotten this ipad mount, which worked great!

Hope you are all having a great week! Follow along on instagram or facebook for travel updates!!

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