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Valentine's Day

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

So, last night I prepped my Valentine's table for Valentine's morning. I always try to do a little soemthing to surprise the kids when they wake up that morning. It's usually the table that is decorated with a little something at each one of their place settings. I had to kinda start over this year, as we have misplaced my Valentine's decor box in storage:(

So I kept it rather simple this year, I found the heart ribbon and little Valentine boxes at half off at Michael's. And then just picked up some plain cardstock for "placemats," the boys got red and the girls got pink:) It really dresses it up and makes it fun for each kid. I found the love tins at Target one night as I was headed to the checkout, they are the perfect little basket to hold all their goodies.

I put a little red filler in each one and they each got a few candies and a little something extra. The girls got a lip balm salve that I had found in Arizona from an organic lavender farm, each batch is handmade. You can order them here, I know it is probably to late to get it here in time for Valentine's Day, but it would also be good in an Easter basket:) I just love how it reminds me of a lip balm tin that I had when I was little, that slides open and close! Mine smelled like watermellon though, lol! And the boys are just getting a hot wheels car to add to their collection!

I even have a place setting for Nate and I, Nate gets his usual Dove milk chocolate heart at his place setting!!

I love the look of their faces in the morning as they look thru their goodies, not expecting to get anything! It's a little like Christmas morning again! Do you guys do anything fun or special on Valentine's Day? I would love to know your traditions!!

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Mandy Steven
Mandy Steven
Feb 12, 2019

Thanks Annie!!


Unknown member
Feb 12, 2019

This is awesome! Way to go super mom. 😊

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