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A Few Healthy Things I Do

Good morning! I know we are a little ways into the new year and maybe you have already begun your New Year's resolution! If you haven't and wanted to incorporate a few things, I am going to share some things that I do daily to help me stay on track MOST days. Do I snack more on some days, do I eat candy or have wine, you bet! These are just things I do to help me be more inentional with staying on track with my health!

Daily prayer is something I do right out of bed, first thing. I posted the two prayers I say daily in this blog post here. And I also do my daily devotional that I have started posting in instagram. The book I use is this one, it would make a great gift too!

After my morning prayers, I workout, that is one thing I do not waiver from! Am I motivated to workout every single day? No, in fact this last year it was very hard. But working out is something I do for myself at least five days a week. It is a stress reliever and time spent not thinking about anything! I always, always come out feeling better after a workout. No matter how tired I am! I love going to Orange Theory if time allows, they use heart rate monitors to track your heart rate to make sure you are getting into calorie and fat burning zones! We use three ways to train, treadmill, rowing and weights. It is by far my favorite way to workout! The coaches are awesome, the music is great and the workouts are always different! If I can't make it in, I did get the peleton app during quartantine and I do that as well and love it! It offers hundreds of workouts: running, strength, cardio, yoga and more. It's perfect for only $12.99 a month.

on the rower

I also try to incorporate a 12 hour fast, which means from the night before the last time I ate or drank, I wait 12 hours to eat or drink again and then take 2T of apple cider vinegar and a glass full of water! Always on an empty stomach. I have been doing this for years. Lots of health benefits of taking apple cider vinegar. I have started taking the apple cider vinegar cleanse which has honey and cayenne pepper in it too!

I found some great benefits on this list I found on pinterest!

This is the apple cider vinegar I take. I found it at our local Natural Grocers store or I found some here for cheaper!

I have talked about collagen before, I take 2T of it a day as well. It has really helps with my achy knees and arthritis. And I have definietly had more hair growth! It is a little pricey compared to some, but in my opinion worth the price. I have 2 bottles sent a month on auto ship and Nate and I each take it. Sure we occasionaly forget, but I would say you need about 1 bottle for 3 weeks or 2 bottles so you have enough for a month if you remember to take it everyday! And you can use my code 5992556 to get $10 off your purchase! More information on this collagen in my blog post here.

For lunch I have a protein shake, I really like the shakes from Rebbl. I love the dark chocolate the best and the hazelnut one is good too. I love that they are organic and use plant protein and a lot of other great ingredients! They offer variety packs too, so you can try some out for yourself. AND I am so excited, I now have a code you can use to get 15% off!! Use code MANDY to get 15% off your purchase of shakes form Rebbl! I also have a handful of raw almonds and an apple! In fact, everyone I work with makes fun of me because I bring the same thing for lunch every day! I am a creature of habit!

I really look forward to my hot green tea in the afternoon, especially during the winter months! I tend to not drink it as much in the summer months. Green tea has a lot of health benefits too, great antioxidents and also known to help prevent cancers and diseases! I love the green tea from Vahdam great organic ingredients. Use code MANDY15 to get 15% off your purchase!

Lastly a healthy meal, which is vey hard some nights! Between the kids‘ activities, and working sometimes dinner can be hard! I am glad we started getting meals from Evolve. If I only have time to make soup and grilled cheese for the kids, Nate and I can eat a fresh and healthy meal from Evolve! Plus Nate takes them to work for lunch, that is a win, win! He is happy with his flavorful meal and I am happy that I didn't have to make it;) Orders have to be placed every Friday by 10am for delivery on Tuesday. The meals are made FRESH over the weekend and packed in a refridgerated box and shipped right away! The flavors in each meal are amazing!! Nate is blown away! The meals can be frozen if they cannot be eaten within the date stamped on the meal. Use code Mandy to get 20% off your order!

I hope some of these ideas will help you start incorporating a few healthy options into your life if you don't yet! Any questions, please do not hesitate to message me here or on facebbok or instagram!

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