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Back To School

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well, here we go 2020, heading back to school in the best way we can for now. It's not ideal at all, but I'm glad that the kids get the chance to at least start and hopefully continue at school! They really can't wait to see their friends and play school sports! I really am not that prepared this year for school when it comes to all the things they need. Since we didn't know much for so long I wasn't even sure what I all needed! But here are a few things that I have gotten or have had for all things back to school that we love! I also did a blog post here, last year that has some of our go tos as well. This is a short roundup of the things I think are necessary for this year going back! We also have started prepping some breakfast items and freezing them, the girls have made zucchini muffins, banana bread, and waffles. I plan to make some energy balls to have frozen for lunches. I also want the kids to make a list of their favorite school lunches, so I can start thinking about that!

Water fountains will be shut off, so water bottles are a must! My middle school girls have to take clear, so these are perfect. I like the stainless steel for the other kids, holds up better, and keeps their water cooler. And I know I've talked about it before, but the water bottle organizer is a must!

My kids usually always take their lunch, things are going to look a lot different with lunches, so mine will probably take daily. We use the bento boxes, we love this one that has the bag, utensils, and freezer pack included.

And last but not least, IF your child needs to wear a mask, my boys have been liking these, they don't have to mess with anything around their ears and can just pull it down when needed. I tell them to pretend they are going hunting and they think that is pretty cool. They wear these in the winter when they go deer hunting to stay warm!

Hope everyone is soaking up the last days of summer! I sure have enjoyed it and I know I will miss it!


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