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Best Anti-Aging Vitamin

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

As time is going on, I am realizing the importance of taking care of myself when it comes to aging. I have been trying to find a great mix of vitamins to take when it comes to what my body is needing most right now. Particularly when it comes to us women! I tried doing the single vitamins and posted about that in my stories on Instagram, but somedays I'm good if I remember to do that! I came across these vitamins from Hush and Hush! They are a daily vitamin that has all the single vitamins I was taking in one tablet! I was so excited to see the lineup of ingredients in these vitamins!

So I was previously taking Vit D, Vit B12, Tumeric, and evening primrose. I was wanting to take a Vit C, calcium and fish oils, but never got them or never found ones I liked. SO this vitamin has that and so much more!

It has all the vitamins I was taking, except evening primrose. Which the Time Capsule has a bunch of other good skin-loving vitamins in the Time Reverse Complex-collagen, fish oil, and hyaluronic acid to name a few. It also has quite a few of the ones I was missing!! Plus it has a Daily Defense Complex-green tea leaf, lycopene, cayenne fruit.

The Time Capsule vitamin is my go-to from now on. It is a great supplement for anti-aging and beauty. It adds moisture to the skin and boosts collagen with the Time Reverse Complex and it protects my skin from environmental aggressors with the Daily Defense Complex. This vitamin will replace your multi-vitamin. And during this crazy time of virus going around, it will boost your immunity with Vitamin C, zinc and ginseng. I highly recommend this vitamin to anyone wanting to start taking an anti-aging vitamin that will give you a boost of energy, prevent aging and help with your immunity!

I was able to get a promo code for all my followers to use! Use code MANDY at checkout to get 20% off of your purchase! Head over to Hush and Hush now!!

Thank you Hush and Hush for gifting me with these vitamins!

Have a great Thursday!!


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