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Easy Indoor Plants that Clean the Air

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Made it to Thursday! I am back to looking forward to the weekend again. When we didn't have the online learning, it felt like just another day! Now with the structure of online learning, I can't wait for a couple of days off! As we are stuck at home for a while longer, I thought it could be good to share some information regarding my indoor plants!

I've had indoor plants for YEARS and trust me I have killed A LOT. But I have found some that I really love and that are easy to care for. If I haven't killed it yet, they are easy! These are also plants that clean the air, so I like to have one or more in every room! And springtime is a great time to get some planted into pots and get them established before the winter months. Here is a Pinterest post I had pinned that talks about easy-care plants that clean the air!

I found all of these on Amazon and have almost all of these, the first one I have is the snake plant! I love its modern look and it's the plant that I should've killed by now. It doesn't take hardly any care and doesn't need much light. So I have one of these in the master bedroom, kitchen, living room, and the girls have one in their room. I also set one outdoors and it really takes off and multiplies.

The next one I have and does really well and has actually come in really handy is the aloe plant! If someone gets a burn or sunburn we cut a stem off of our aloe plant!

I do not have this next one, the ZZ plant, but love the look of it and would love to add it to my collection! I love the dark leaves, I can't say how easy it is but it got great reviews!

Here are some that come in a set of four at a great price! I have three out of the four of these, and they are easy to care for!

Hope you all have a great Thursday! At least we have an extra couple of days of no school after tomorrow!!


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