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Emotional Roller Coaster

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Halfway through the week! It's always hard coming off of a holiday three day weekend and catch up with all the extra laundry, the groceries because of all the food that was eaten, and the mess that was made! I wanted to check in with you all to see how you were doing these days?! I found this graphic on Pinterest the other day and it basically made me stop scrolling.

There have been some days that feel so weighted with everything that is going on in the world. And then other days where I just don't even think about it! The heavy days, I feel like I can check all these boxes off. The days I feel like this, I really have no explanation why maybe it's the kids getting to me with the summer daily grind. The heat, I really dislike the hot temps, lol! Or maybe it's because there is still so much unknown. I usually do pretty well with going with the flow and letting things play out. But we are all human and have families and some of us have kids and just worrying about them can get heavy! If you are feeling this way it is OK!! But I also want to maybe give a couple of suggestions that help me refocus my emotional exhaustion!

These are just a few suggestions that help me! Another big emotionally exhausting thing to do is dinner every single night, lol! I just don't even want to think of what to make!! With the kids not involved as much this summer, I have started to have them make a meal once a week, (just the girls). The boys might help out, but not much! They have each picked a night and they have to come up with what to make. They can use the ingredients we have in the house on that day or if they let me know in advance, I will pick up what they need when I get groceries! It's honestly been the best thing. In the morning, I just ask what they are making and they have to figure it out and most of the time it is something all the kids like so there is no complaining! I do help them make it, I really don't mind that. It's coming up with WHAT to make that makes me crazy lol! Here are some of the essentials we have in the kitchen that the kids use a lot of lately!

I also did a blog post here and it has The 5 Things I Do Every Morning and my morning prayers that you can go back and look at if you need a new morning routine or some great prayers to start your day!

Have a great Wednesday!


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