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Memorial Day Sale

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Happy Friday!! Yay we made it to the weekend! I have some really exciting news and I wanted to share it with all my subscribers first:) Since you guys have subscribed to the blog, that means you receive sales and outfit ideas from me first. I do eventually post on social media, but you just never know who actually sees it and who misses it! So, you guys following along from the get go means so much to me!! Thank YOU! I started this blog idea, not sure where it would go, still not sure if it will go anywhere, but I knew I had to try!

The exciting news, I have just been accepted as an influencer on the app, happy dance!! This means I can share so much more about outfits and beauty sales/ideas faster than typing up blog posts! I will still type up blog posts 2-3 times a week, but I will also be adding more items on this app. So if you do not have the app, I encourage you to download it, log in and search my name mandysteven. Again, this would mean the world to me!!

AND......I now have a Pinterest page- Mandy Steven-Small Town Style. So you can follow along there for outfit ideas/beauty/home etc. that I have posted on the blog or just things that I like. Thank you so much for following along on all these different avenues, I love sharing everything with you all!

One sale I look forward to all year is the Memorial Day World Market Sale, it is the best sale out of the whole year! Trust me, I've watched!! If it does go lower, everything that I wanted is usually sold out, so now is the time to get it if you see something you like! Not only do I like to freshen up my wardrobe for spring/summer, but also my outdoors! Bring on the comfy chairs and pretty flowers and enjoy the outdoors!

If you are a member you get 20% off and free shipping over $99! Non-members is 15% off online only and free shipping over $99. It is worth it to sign up to be a member:) Hurry offer ends 5/27 and you won't see this good of a deal till next year!

So this week has been super crazy, with end of school and rain and more rain expected, so tomorrow I promise to have a post of fashion/beauty items that are on sale this weekend!

Again, thank you so much for following along!

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