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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well, to be honest, I feel like April went fairly fast considering! And so that means it's time for May! Mother's Day is just around the corner and I wanted to get my Mother's Day gift guides out before things went back to crazy again! Maybe the dad's will have time to order in advance this year?! I broke it down into a few categories because I have some things that I have gotten in the past or things that I am loving and wanted to share it with you all!

The first breakdown is what a lot of us have been using lately, Amazon! These are things that I have gotten or would like to get! Anything that helps with cleaning is a win for me, the Dyson sweeper and the Shark robot are amazing little sweepers to have on hand! I honestly am not sure how to choose one, the Dyson cleans upon contact and can also clean out the vehicles or tiny spaces. It has a charging holder with a battery and interchangeable parts so you can use them to sweep other things like tiny crevices, the stairs, or couches. The shark is something we turn on when we leave the house and the house gets swept when we are gone. Coming home to a cleanly swept house is the best feeling! It also has a charging station and a self-cleaning box, where it empties itself when it gets full. And then it lets us know when the big canister needs to be cleaned out. This sweeper does not get in tiny corners and can miss some spots if it gets stuck. So overall they serve us different purposes.

With staying at home more, self-care, and taking time to enjoy some spa days at home have been huge to decompress after lots of home school, laundry, and making dinners and lunches every day. So I wanted to share some spa day products. Lighting a candle or starting the diffuser and turning on some music sound like a dream! I love my AirPods to cancel out the kids and just to tune out for a bit! And I have heard such great things about these chill pills from Ouai! They go into the bathtub, I can't wait to try them!

Since we have been at home more, I have been enjoying using some of my favorite products. Using my diffuser daily, I love the sleek design. I love my barefoot dreams blanket nightly for watching shows, it's so soft and cozy, the kids fight over it! And a little glass of wine in a modern wineglass! The Nespresso machine I got Nate for Christmas has been a game-changer, it's so easy to use and so easy to clean. Yes, I had to justify the number of times we would use it and not get Starbucks, it will definitely save us money in the end, even though it is pricey upfront! I also just ordered this book to a beautifully organized home, not sure I will follow through on it, but I like looking at books with recommendations and pictures of beautiful spaces for inspiration!

Of course, I love a little beauty and fashion, so I had to share some of my favorites in that area. The hair oil is by far the best one I have ever tried, it doesn't weigh my hair down or make my scalp oily! And I have tried a lot of hair oils!! The hair fragrance I use daily since I do not wash my hair every day even when I workout, lol! This gives my hair a little refresh! I love a good lipgloss and this one is so nice, definitely a splurge purchase. It's hydrating but not sticky! Favorite fresh fragrance, it smells like the Le Labo Santal 33! You know I love my Ugg slippers and dainty gold jewelry. I have these pieces and love the quality! A great classic black bag, at a great price, and luxurious hand cream. This one makes my hands so soft and smells so good!

Hopefully, this might give you some ideas for your mom, mother in law or for yourself:) Have a great Friday!

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