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Sacrifice and Sweets

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Well, it's that time of year, Lent. I love this time of year, without this time of year, we wouldn't have had the chance to be saved. This time of year is crucial for us, we have the opportunity to sacrifice and give back or do something in return for Jesus. He did the ultimate sacrifice for us and died for us, so with that being said giving up something as simple as sweets should be easy. And it does get easy, but it's initially hard. And I don't like it. But I know it's something that will make me try and really focus on doing something hard during this special time of year. So here are a few things I am going to try to do to make it a little easier to give it up this year.

I do really good all day long and don't have any sweets and then it hits me after dinner, I just need a little something to cut that craving. Usually, it's a busy night with homework, kids' activities and I'm wanting to just sit and relax, but I can't, so I reach for something sweet to keep me going. I do like to drink my kombucha after dinner, and that helps. I also love this green tea and usually have a cup every day, it's full of antioxidants and gives me a little boost of energy! I may have to increase to two cups, lol!

I like to snack, so here are some of my go-to snacks that keep my mind off sweets! We love to have popcorn and I have to get the organic white popcorn, I do not like the yellow popcorn, lol! And I cannot live without this whirley-pop popcorn maker. We have the stainless steel version, we had the aluminum one but it was dented and got banged up easily. This one is very sturdy and worth it!

Berries! Berries are supposed to replace sweets! So I will be buying more frozen berries and making some smoothies at night! I love our Vitamix and use it for everything. Sauces, salsas, pestos, almond milk, and smoothies!! This blender blends like no other, we have had it for years and love how you can really get the consistency you are wanting. Really smooth, chunky or in between! Definitely worth the investment!

And I would say to stay busy, but I think I need the opposite. I need to find a little downtime and take a moment to just relax. And that is the perfect time to devote to a daily Lenton devotional. I did this one last year and loved it! It was really short and I could just listen in the car on my way to work out or on my way to work. If you get behind, you can always catch up a few days all in one day, I had to do that :)

Here's to a great Lenton season! I know not everyone gives up something, but even just praying more or helping others is also a great sacrifice. What do you like to do for Lent?

"I want to know Christ-yes, to know the power of His resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead" Philippians 3 10-11


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